OMG — We are Doing Something that Affects You, Directly!

We here at Parking Today Media constantly strive to keep up with the times. Innovation is our middle name (actually its “Today” but you get the idea.) This month we have made a substantial change in our annual People in Parking Directory (PIP) that affects you. Unless you are an employee of a supplier listed in PIP, you will not be listed in the print edition of People in Parking.

We have had our webmaster develop a program that enables you to search our database of parking pros and instantly find their name, organization, and phone number. You can also send them an email through our system. Here is the email you should have received last week:

You should be receiving our annual People in Parking Directory in your mail shortly. We would like to tell you about a major change we have made in the directory.

In the past we have listed all parking pros in our data base in the ‘white’ pages of the directory.  This year we are listing only those employees of parking industry suppliers in the printed version. When you want to find and contact ‘non-supplier’ personnel, go to  http://www.parkingtoday.com/epip.php

Enter the name of the person or organization you wish to find.  You will see the person’s name, organization, and phone number.  There is also a facility for you to send them an email.

This quick, easy approach not only saves many trees, but also allows us to provide email service (without giving out individual email addresses.)

Once again, Parking Today leads the industry in providing real time services to our readers.

We are attempting to make your lives a tad easier by putting the parking world on your desktop. Once you reach our search page ( http://www.parkingtoday.com/epip.php ) bookmark it for future reference.

If you find errors you can fix them on line or drop us a note and we will fix them for you.

Let me know what you think.


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