100 Pages of Parking Today

Wow!  I just received my personal copy of my favorite magazine and was shocked SHOCKED at the weight of the journal.  PT February contains 100, count em 100 Pages.

This book is all about the Parking Industry Exhibition:

Those three fine looking chaps on the cover are our keynote speakers, Paul Barter, Michael Houlihan and Mark Goulston. Inside you will find stories about PIE, of course, our regular columnists, and the complete PIE 2017 program.

I assume you have already registered for the event, so this will be a great preview of what is to come. If you haven’t, shame on you. You can redeem yourself by clicking here.

The hotel is filling fast — contact us if you can’t get a room, there are first class accommodations across the street. Above everything else, PIE is about convenience. No half hour hikes to the exhibit hall, no humid weather (it will be cool and crisp), and most of all, you will be hosted by the Parking Today Media team headed by Eric Abel.

See you in Chicago in less than two weeks.


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