Baby Named for Parking Lot

Babies don’t agree to stick to any kind of schedule – before (or after) they’re born, so a good number of them seem to make their arrivals in odd places. One common theme for the unexpected delivery is the parking lot. Hospital parking lots get a lot of surprise birth moments as parents do their best to be in the right place at the right time, but fall just a little short. A baby in Jacksonville Beach, Florida recently made his entry in the parking lot of the local hospital, reports abcnews.go.com.

The infant’s parents intended for him to be born in the hospital and had almost made it when it became obvious there was not enough time to get in the doors. Dad played the part of catcher. It all turned out to be a happy experience because the baby arrived healthy and strong and the birth photographer had the wherewithal to do her job despite the quick change of location.

Noah and Lauren Strunk hired Stephanie Knowles to document their son’s delivery and  she was following them to the hospital the night of the birth. When it became clear that he baby was going to be born in the parking lot she wasn’t sure if she should run for boiling water or snap photos. She went ahead and took pictures.

“It went through my head if I should put my camera down and help and then I said, ‘I’m just going to stand back,'” Knowles said. “That was my goal even before, just to stand back and capture the moments, so I just started shooting.”

All is well and baby, who joins 3-year old brother Harrison, has a great birth story he can talk about for the rest of his life – with pictures to prove it. His parents named him for his father and the spot where he was born: Noah Parker van Rhyn Strunk.

See the photos here.

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