Its not just for Big Cities…

OK – Big Data — I get it — but does anyone else. You have all this data, but can you use it to help your parking operation. I have been talking it Mitch Osur at the city of Aspen and find that a small city like Aspen can actually slice and dice the data and then use it to sell and justify changes in the parking program. He has written an article for the March Parking Today and you can preview that article on  Parknews.biz here

What caught my discerning eye was his first paragraph:

I first really learned about Big Data at the PIE show 2016 in Las Vegas, It was talked about in a lot of the seminars I participated in. Then I was lucky enough in the exhibitor area of the show to connect with a company called Smarking. They said they could turn my parking data into useful and presentable information. WOW have they done a great job for the city of Aspen.

OK, its a shameless plug for PIE. We liked Mitch’s pitch so much that we have him speaking at PIE 2017 this year. Register for the event here.

Its going to be even better than I thought.


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