Latest Test for the Law Review

This must be my week for pictures. I drove to Beverly Hills for breakfast at Factors Famous Deli — Surely you have heard of it, its “Famous.”  I decided to park in the neighborhood a few blocks away to get a few steps on the fitbit. As I pulled up, at 8:15 on Sunday Morning, a stalwart Los Angeles parking enforcement officer (Seems I was parking in LA, not BH) rolled up and began writing a ticket for the car in front of me. A man came running out of the house nearby in his pajamas, an plead his case. He lost.

I glanced at the sign above my car and began to wonder. I asked the officer to translate

He said that the  “Two Hour Parking 8 am to 6 pm except Sunday meant that you couldn’t park there on Sunday.”  Fair enough.

I drove around the corner to Pico Boulevard and came upon this sign:

It was above a parking meter.  Now I know that this sign meant that I could park as long as I wanted on Sunday without putting anything in the meter. Or does it.  The exact same sign a block away meant that I couldn’t park at all.

Can someone explain this to a lowly editor. Was the enforcement officer wrong?

I think its time to call in the experts. Julie Dixon, over to you.

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