March Madness Creating Parking Madness

In every big sports event there are winners and losers, both on the field and in the parking lot. According to fox6now.com, Milwaukee is a teeming mess of parking problems these days. Residents are upset by huge increases in parking fees and college basketball fans are finding their pre-paid parking spots already taken. A lucky few locate parking when and where they need it, but they are just as surprised as anyone else.

One Milwaukee resident found fees in the garage where she normally parks for work had gone from $7 to $75. Though very possibly not a sports fan, she couldn’t understand how the price increase was fair.

“We shouldn’t have to pay $75 to park just to come to work because there’s a game in town. I wouldn’t pay anything over that $7!” said Stanthia Grier.

As the tournament goes on, parking should be more plentiful, but there’s no guarantee it will be cheaper. As more teams go home, the games will have higher stakes – not a recipe for cheap parking. The article recommended a simple strategy for parking in Milwaukee during the next few weeks:

Throughout the NCAA Tournament, parking will be at a premium in downtown Milwaukee. The best advice is to arrive early, expect to pay more and be prepared to do a bit of walking.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t figure out why cities, residents and sports fans always seem so surprised by the parking crunch that accompanies major sports events. Are parking providers involved in the overall planning for tournaments and bowls? Parking has to be a part of any conversation where venues are chosen – but just because the quantity of parking required is available, that doesn’t mean parking itself will go smoothly.

Read the article here.

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