PIE 2017 – In the Record Books Thanks to YOU!

Nearly 1100 parking pros flocked to Chicago to participate in PIE 2017. It was four days of learning, exhibits, networking, and yes, even a party. And from the reaction I have gotten both in person and from our Twitter feeds, the event was a super success.

I would like to personally thank those who attended, and also those who supported their efforts but were unable to attend. Mounting an exhibit 1500 miles from home is not only expensive, but requires a ton of work from those who didn’t visit our event. Plus those who attended the show left behind those who work with them, and they too will profit from the knowledge gained.  Thanks to all.

As for our crew.  They are simply the best.  I received no end of compliments about the PIE staff from attendees and exhibitors alike. “Sure there are bumps here and there, but the PIE staff was on the spot and smoothed them out quickly. They are the best.”  That summarized dozens of like comments.

Eric, Marcy, Astrid, Joyce, Kelley, Sue, Francine, Robyn — each had assigned tasks and executed flawlessly. I have never been so proud of a group of people. And honored to work with them.

We will be reporting on PIE 2017 in PT the next few months so if you didn’t attend,you can see what you missed. And will be alerting you to PIE 2018, back in Chicago next March.


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