Women in Parking and Parking Today

Back in 2011 I had the honor of providing a room for the organizational meeting of Women in Parking. It was during the IPI show in Denver. My wife told me that I should simply supply the room, let them know where it was, and leave. That I did (with some assistance from a couple of those present). Since then the organization, under the watchful eye of Ruth Beaman, has grown and prospered.

Being a lazy sort and looking for others to do my work, I came up with the idea of having WIP, as its known, provide all the content for an edition of Parking Today. Colleen Niese provides the editing skills (and does a great job) and it becomes one of the best read and best written of our annual set of magazines.

This year is no different and the July issue will be focused on the women in our fine industry. I commend the advertising section to you vendors out there as we donate a percentage of the revenue to WIP. Jump on board and support this most worthy group.

Contact Marcy at marcy@parkingtoday.com. She will send you all the info.




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