Grand Rapids Lowers Fees for Parking App

It’s unusual for cities to lower prices for parking and services. I know those numbers have only gone up in my town. Parking meter fees have tripled, and prices for city classes and amenities have increased by 30 percent. So it’s heartwarming to read about a city that shares savings with its residents.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, fox17online.com reports that convenience fees for Parkmobile app users will go down by 20 cents. That’s a good amount of money considering meter prices in the city range from one dollar to $1.75 per hour.

Parkmobile and the City of Grand Rapids created a new contract that will cut the convenience fee by approximately 43 percent, reducing the price from 35 cents to 15 cents.

It would be pretty easy for Grand Rapids to renegotiate a lower convenience fee and keep the difference – residents aren’t going to know anything’s changed unless you tell them. And people who like the ease of parking by smart phone applications don’t usually object to convenience fees.

Maybe Grand Rapids is hoping lower fees will attract more users, but regardless of the reason, it’s good karma to share the joy of lower prices with everyone.

Read the article here.

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