Handicapped Fraud

Pauls writes below about the Fraud that took place at the LA County Fair.  They reported 20% of the handicapped placards were fraudulent. Personally, I think that number was low. The incidence of fradulent use of handicapped placards is running wild across our land. And yes, they are scumbags.

The reason is that the placard allows the parker to park for free.  The issue is that the disabled tell me they don’t want free parking, they want access.  Larger spaces, ramps for wheelchairs and the like. They also need more time. It takes them a lot more time to negiotiate the ramps and walks to and from their destination. Doubling the amount of time they receive for the same fee as was done in Arlington solved both problems.

Once again, charging for parking solves a lot of problems, and treats everyone equally. Not a bad thing


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