Moving Day

Whenever the muse leaves me, or I become frustrated or bored, I rearrange my office. It would give me a different perspective and hopefully get me past whatever block (writer’s, sales,’ management, etc) was lurking in the space around me.. The problem I have had for the past seven years is that my desk is bolted to the wall. So much for that.

This week I have an entirely new outlook. We have moved into new digs just around the corner from our old place. We are still within hailing distance of LAX. Someone asked me how I felt about moving. Initially I was rather non plussed over the entire thing. Robyn, Eric and Joyce did everything, I just griped and complained.

I have always thought that all change is good.

The move over here has not only changed my perspective, but it has also started me down a road of getting all the electronics back to the way they were. That, for a luddite like me, is no mean feat.

Email doesn’t work.  It’s the same problem you have when you check in to the Holiday Inn and the wifi doesn’t seem to let you sign in to your email account. I haven’t been able to fix it, so I’m calling in tech support. That happens Tuesday.

The phones – ah yes – a completely new phone system with different displays, buttons, and the like. Fortunately, Eric is handling the set up. I know that in a day or so I will get a call and not be able to answer it.

My smartphone seems to work just fine, but of course it doesn’t’ pair with the new wifi. Tech support is coming (different from email) so we will see what happens then.

I have already completely rearranged the furniture in my office from the way it was placed when I walked in the new place. Sigh. I was told that that was the way it was originally designed, but I didn’t like it and told them no, change it. A conversation I swear I never had.

I asked if this new place was going to make us any money and was told that if being more efficient, having employees that wanted to come to work, and having a staff that was warm in the winter, cool in the summer, having a restroom that worked meant anything, then yes, we should seem a few bucks on the bottom line. Time will tell.

Our new address islisted in an earlier blog. You are welcome to drop by. Its not perfect yet, but we are receiving.

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