WOW … NPA Raises nearly $90K for Disaster Relief in 15 minutes

I was blown away. NPA CEO Alan Lazowski yesterday addressed the crowd assembled for lunch and to hear about the organization’s awards. He was in the process of thanking everyone in sight for the great show when he stopped and said that he had had an idea a few minutes earlier. With all the disasters in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and now Las Vegas, money was needed.  He said he knew the parking industry was generous.

So it began. “Who will give $5000?” A number of companies raised their hands and yelled out their names. “OK, Now Who will give $2500” the founder of LAZ parking said. And even more stood and said “Yes.”  Ok, he went on, how about a thousand.? And even more jumped on the train. By the time he was finished, 15 minutes later,  it was down to $100 and more than  $88,000 had been raised.  (I expect that when the final talley is in, the amount will be higher.)

Remember this was on the spur of the moment. No planning, no telethon, no PR firms pushing for money,. Just members of our industry opening their checkbooks and donating to a very needy cause.

I was humbled. Congratulations to the NPA and the parking indsutry. These folks put their money where their mouth is.

Well done, Alan, Christine, and the NPA


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