This time of year is about food, parties and gifts, but it’s also about the wonder in children’s eyes, the smiles on their faces, the magic that fills churches and temples. It’s a time of fellowship, of friendly conversations over a coffee or drink, a time of welcoming.

In some churches, it’s not unusual to be sitting next to a Jewish family on Christmas Eve. And they are welcome. Each of the great religions have their celebrations, a holy time. But for some reason, Christmas stands out. It may have to do with the mercantile or with the simple fact that — particularly in North America, Europe and Australia — the numbers of Christians far outweigh others.

But it also has to do with the message — a message of joy, peace and goodwill that permeates the season. Be ye Christian or Jew, Muslim or Buddhist, Agnostic or Atheist, Hindu or Sikh, please receive from all of us at Parking Today, Parknews.biz, and Parking Today Media the joy, love and peace of the holiday season.

Merry Christmas.


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