Meters Confuse Albuquerque Drivers

One thing the parking industry can always count on is the confusion of the average parker. Another reliable phenomenon is the media’s coverage of any and all parking confusion. In general, it would pay to stay ahead of this lack of understanding and its dubious newsworthiness, but that’s not always possible.

The inconvenience of rapid transit construction in Albuquerque, New Mexico led to a promise of free parking for residents, reports krqe.com. Recently, though construction continues, meters were installed in areas where drivers expected free parking.

“The construction is still not over, if you look up and down Central, you’ll see that they’re still taking out parts of the street, they’re still redoing bus stops, there’s still orange cones up and down even in Nob Hill,” said business owner Rory Veronda.

People parking in the area didn’t know if the meters were a sign that free parking was over. Their uncertainty led them to pay for parking. Some of the meters provided information about payment/nonpayment, but not all.

The city and the construction company at work are both in a scurry now to address the problem. The article explains that the meters are not bagged because they are still being programmed.

I’m not sure who to blame, but it’s a lot of fuss over nothing. The public seem particularly entitled. They require free parking to tolerate worthwhile improvements. They also need a lot of coaching when they encounter a gray area. The media are quick to react to the overreaction. Makes me wonder what would happen if we focused some of this attention on real issues. It could get exhausting, but would be much more rewarding.

Read the article here.

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