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The movie business has taken over my neighborhood. They are shooting a commercial five houses away, and those big white boxy trucks are everywhere. The production company asked if they could use our parkway to set up for their food service and we said “be our guest”.  I’ll go out later and see if I can impose for a little lunch. Here’s what our parkway looks like:

I see that folks are using autonomous vehicles before they are invented. A story in the local media tells of some wunderkinds who were driving Teslas, drunk, and decided to put it on “autopilot” and take a nap. Fortunately Tesla installed the “auto shut off” first and these idiots were saved from certain death, but not certain citations.  It seems that people are taking the auto industry at its word and actually believing that “autopilot’ is here. Yikes. Remember these geniuses are driving on the same streets you are.

In keeping with this theme, I see from my favorite web site, parknews.biz, that cities are working feverously to set up infrastructure to allow cars to communicate with one another, and collect data about traffic, driving speeds, road conditions, and dare I say it, parking. A number of Israeli companies are getting funding and building systems to do this automotive magic. The story posits that cities like Helsinki and other European cities will shortly ban all cars from the central city and rely on MaaS. That’s Mobility as a Service for those of you who have been living in a cave for the past decade. They will need all the technology infrastructure to enable transit to handle the crowds now using single driver vehicles.

We are selecting the glasses we will have engraved for the single malt whisky tasting event at PIE 2018. One might ask why whisky?  It’s a theme within a theme. The networking party is being built around characters in my recently released mystery, “Death by Parking” (available on Amazon).  Whisky comes in as the main character, PI Paul Manning, is a single malt aficionado and loves his whisky, particularly Laphroaig. We will have some of that peaty Islay malt available at the tasting, along with some less perverse wee drams. Join us if you dare. Parking Industry Exhibition 2018


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