Parking Folks, you have a problem!

Houston, we have a problem.  Well, maybe not Houston, but parking industry we have a problem. You have no clue how to promote yourself.

Astrid is spending hours looking for content for Parknews.biz. She is finding bupkus. Now we know things are going on. Companies are installing new systems, people are being hired and promoted, cities are signing contracts for parking work, its happening everywhere. You are hiding your light under a bushel.

I have had this conversation before, only to be ignored. We are offering FREE publicity about your company. All you need to do is let us know when you have a success. Jot down a few lines and send them in. (astrid@parkingtoday.com)

When I was running a small country newspaper, I had a visit from a local druggist. He told me that he never wanted that paper to go to press without his name in it. He didn’t care what it was, a line in classifieds, a story about a cat he was feeding, an interview about a new drug, or whatever, the fact the he got a speeding ticket, an advertisement, he didn’t care. He wanted his name in that paper. And it was there.

His company grew and grew and when I left he had three stores open in surrounding areas and was doing a terrific business, even in the face of the big chains. He believes that keeping his name in front of the public was important.

What stuns me is that you companies out there don’t think this is important. I’m not talking about spending a grand a month like you would do with Parking Network, but I’m talking about sending it in for free.

More than 5000 people a month look at parknews.biz and read the articles. I pick some of them up and run them in Parking Today. People looking for certain keywords on Google find them on parknews.biz. Of course, if you don’t tell us, you aren’t there.

Frankly if I were the CEO of a company and had a marketing person handling promotion, I would rethink their position. Something isn’t happening and it should be.

A few years ago I met with a startup and they asked me just what I would recommend they do to ensure success. I told the druggist story and told them to keep content coming. They did and now sometimes I think they are the only company who listens.

They send stories, tidbits, articles, and interesting stuff almost daily. We are overwhelmed with content to the point that we have to budget it a bit. We have had 535 stories about them on PN since the website went live. Not because we have done anything, but because they think its important to have their name out there, in print, on the web, and every other way.

That company knows when it goes out for VC, or when it contacts a city or university for business, or when they reach out to transit agencies, or when it is looking to purchase another company their name will be known and respected. They won’t be starting from the ground up. They know that it takes many ‘touches,’ that is times when a potential customer sees their name, to make a difference.

The name of that company is Passport.

It could just as easily be you.



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