Apple Makes Parking Look Easy, Too

We’ve all heard the stories about how great it is to work for Apple. The company’s 2.8 million-square-foot Apple Park in Cupertino, Calif. features office buildings, a cafeteria and coffee shop, a visitor’s center, a fitness facility with yoga and physical therapy, and a theater. It is reported to house 12,000 employees and provide 8,255 parking spaces.

Turns out its parking facilities are just about as exciting as the other structures. If you have to get that many cars in and out of a facility every week day, it has to run well. My experience with companies that offer amenities like gyms and restaurants is that they expect you to work a lot. They’re trying to make it homey so you either won’t want to go home or won’t mind not going home. Making the parking process easy is a good start.

A Lyft driver recently recorded entering and exiting the parking garage and it’s an interesting 3-minute video for the Parking Today type, myself included. You can see it on cultofmac.com.

Ever since construction began in 2013 of Apple’s new ring-shaped headquarters, flyover videos made with drones have populated YouTube to show the progress over every little landscape and building detail.

Clean lines and well-lit tunnels lead drivers into different bays. Cars pass lighted displays offering numbers of available parking spaces. Red and green lights organize traffic at intersections. On exit, signage tells drivers what street they will reach.

Maybe nothing in this video is revolutionary, but it’s worth seeing what a mega-technology-corporation like Apple expects from its parking structure.

See the video here.

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