I was Wrong!

Trade events bring together people from across the industry. Its a time to learn and acquire information. Today we met our friends at Parking Network and discovered we have given out some erroneous information about their company.

Jorrit, the CEO of PN wrote a clarification when I posted a blog about the parking industry hiding its light under a bushel. In one sentence I noted that it cost money to place your news releases on PN. I was wrong. I received Jorrit’s message only today. I can only assume it was lost in cyberspace.

My sincere apologies to Parking Network

Visit them here, and find out about the great job they do.



I am afraid you have your information wrong. At Parking Network, we publish interesting and relevant news about the parking industry for free. Our content management team evaluates the relevance and quality of press releases, news and blogs and publishes solely with this criteria. We have 50,000 visits each month and we work hard to provide all the readers the  most releva

At the end of the day, each person chooses their own news source based on their personal preferences. We thank all our visitors and readers for choosing Parking Network and, if anyone has a story they would like to share, please send it to editor@parking-net.com so our content management team can review it. This costs nothing and can make the difference!

Jorrit Weerman

Parking Network

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