Next Week – Its the Fourth

Independence Day falls on Wednesday next week. It’s a day when all the dogs go crazy, the citizens of our fair land celebrate with parades, music, fireworks, and food meant to be burnt and eaten outside washed down with adult beverages.

Many look on it as a day off from work. And since it falls on Wednesday, a large number will take either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday off, giving them a five-day weekend. In any case, the week will not be filled with commercial activity.

We are taking the opportunity to give our news aggregator, Parknews.biz, a few days off and although we will be posting parking news articles, (Jordan and I are stepping into the breach as Astrid visits her parents. She has expressed some concern over the potential quality of such stories – casting dispersion on my abilities – and she is probably right) we will have no parknews email newsletters on the week that surrounds the Fourth.

I will comment on the essence of the Fourth of July, Independence Day, as the time draws near. But for now, as you consider how you will adjust your work schedule next week, all the best


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