Our Bags are Packed, We’re Ready to Go……

The largest media company in parking is heading out to the largest trade show in parking. It gives us the opportunity to see people face to face that we talk to all year. I’m looking forward to it.

To meet and talk with some of the companies that have come to us as startups a few years ago and now are leaders in the industry is thrilling. Having been a part of their success is important to us. Plus to have been able to continue to support the largest players in parking is an honor.

Communication and connection is what business is all about. Our goal has been to provide a media for that connection. The content that we produce makes the magazine and web sites attractive and gives a place where businesses can place their messages and reach out to other businesses who use their products and services.

As we look around a giant exhibit hall, we see more than 200 companies that not only do business with the members of the founding organization, but also with each other. I’ve been told that often more business is done between exhibitors than with attendees.

We are proud that our size enables us to create and impact that carries our customer’s messages to the industry and hope that in some small way we have helped to guide the success of many companies.

If you are in Orlando next week, we look forward to seeing you. If not, follow the excitement here on the blog, on parknews.biz, and on our twitter feed. Parking Today Media is there for you.


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