The Women of Parking Today Media

We held our mid year meeting this week and my staff joined us in a barbeque at chez Van Horn. Eric and I, for the first time, were shown that we were in the minority, at least as far as gender was concerned.

This isn’t by design, we hire the best qualified person for the position. One might think that we would be overwhelmed in estrogen, but frankly, we have a terrific team and we minority men work well within it. Take a look at the pic below. How could we not.

Not pictured are accounting manage Sue, web wizard Suda, support staff Francine, special projects consultant Carla, and Digital and Operations Manager Robyn.

Shelly, Romina, Melissa, Carla, Marcy, Astrid, Jordan.

I learned years ago that eschewing political correctness and simply hiring the best candidate for the job would create a winning team. That’s how we ended up with a dozen women and two men. I am extremely proud of this crew. You are going to be seeing great things from them in this coming year.

They do dare greatly –Parking Today Media –  We are the Arena


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