What the Hell is a “Geo Fence”

I pulled together a presentation for a potential customer and was blown away at the many different tools Parking Today Media can offer our industry that will help communicate products and services. Our team has been delving deeply into different ways we can help our customers.

Do you know we can “Geo Fence” when we set up a “retargeting” on line program for you? Do you have any clue what that means?  I didn’t.

I was aware we could zone the magazine so cover wraps, belly bands, inserts, and the like can be focused in certain geographical areas. For instance, if you want to announce the opening of a new sales and service office in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can focus the announcement with a ‘blow in’ invitation to just readers in say, Northern California. We can even limit it to certain zip codes. Neat, huh.

But what about digital.

I am on the very limit of my knowledge here but let’s give it a try. We can send email messages to all our 20,000 email addresses, or just to cities, or just to parking operators, or just to those people in San Francisco that may be interested in the opening of your new office.

But what about people who visit Parking Today Media’s three websites. There are over 11,000 different people a month who do so. You may find that ads for PT begin to appear when you visit web sites that have advertising around the outside. This month we experimented with a “save the date” promo for PIE 2019. Nearly 250 people clicked on the ad in the past week and got information about the upcoming event in Chicago.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the bright blue banner appear when I was browsing through a particular web site I frequent. Wow. PT has arrived at the digital door.

We can also zone this feature so only those living in a certain geographical area (we put a “geo fence” around the ad) will see the message when they are browsing for that new pair of hiking boots or reviewing the specs on the latest idea from Elon Musk.

Don’t even ask how this works. I have no clue. But trust me, it apparently does. I’m told that this internet magic only works with the computer you used to visit our sites. So we won’t harass you at home if you visit us from work.

If you want to target your message like a laser beam, give us a call. These programs are in their infancy here at PT, but are growing fast.

Parking Today has invested considerably in innovative programs to help serve our industry. Through all these different methods, in print and digital, we can create an arena in which you can promote your company. As Teddy Roosevelt would say, a place where you can Dare Greatly.


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