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I have just received the final looksee at PT October before it heads to the printer. My wonderful team outdid themselves this month.

The theme is Dealers/Installers and our new staff writer Ann Shepphird did a superb job interviewing dealers across the fruited plain for the lead article. We have articles from India, Africa, and the UK, plus a great piece from that most American spot, Quincy, MA.

Our columnists outdid themselves this month, with Peter holding forth on the “coolest” car park, Jeff admitting he understands what I mean when I mention the “arena,” Melissa is losing her car keys, Kathleen holds forth on “disruption” and I talk about our industry coming of age. Astrid reports on pay parking in Vegas and bemoans the loss of the free shrimp cocktail.

There are nearly two dozen feature length articles plus three pages of industry news reporting 20 movers and shakers, promotions, and new installations.

Next month I turn over the reins to Karen Pradhan and Women in Parking crew who will provide all the content for the November issue. That is always a treat.

When I put PT side by side with other industry pubs, from the US and around the world, I can see that we aren’t always the prettiest, but I can’t help but think how fortunate we are to have such great people writing consistently good articles. There is no question that content is truly king. Watch your inbox in the next couple of weeks for notification of the arrival of Parking Today October 2018.


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