Curbway – All the Best…

I’m always excited when I hear about a new company appearing on the scene. I received a head up call from Charley DeBow that he and a few other parking pros including John Spivey and Nathan Donnell had formed a new company, Curbway.

You can read all about it on parknews.biz.

The idea is that with TNCs (Uber and Lyft), scooters (Bird and etc), bike rentals, car sharing, and the like, cities are struggling with how to handle their curb space and make it available to all, plus, dare we say it, monetize the asset.

John, Charley, Nathan and Co. have put together a software platform that will assist cities in understanding this most important curb asset and then give them the information and ability to control it.

Thanks to the gang at Curbway for their kindness in giving us the call about their new company. We wish them all the best.

Remember that the thing that wins is perseverance.


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2 Responses to Curbway – All the Best…

  1. Charley DeBow says:

    Thanks for the well wishes, JVH.

  2. Congrats Charley! We have a startup section at the Transforming Local Government conference if you are interested in showing off your new company.

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