NPA Knocks it out of the Park

The 2018 National Parking Association Conference and Expo is underway and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and I have to say without reservation it is the leading parking trade event of the year, bar none.

Christine Banning and her crew have outdone themselves with an exhibit hall that’s 30 percent larger than ever in the history of the NPA. Attendance is over the top, too, nearly 2000 attendees showing up in Sin City for the four day event.

Convention Chair Tom Carter spoke at length about the support received by his committee and the folks at the City of Las Vegas  He then introduced the keynote speaker, Dr. Kevin Frieberg who regaled the group to think outside the box and consider their companies from the customer’s point of view. Have empathy, he said,

The exhibit hall opens this afternoon with nearly 150 exhibitors.

There is no question that with the 50 seminars and sessions, speeches, networking events, and exhibits, the NPA has outdone itself. If you have time, get to Las Vegas and participate in the number one parking event of 2018.


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2 Responses to NPA Knocks it out of the Park

  1. Scott Kangas CAPP, CPP says:

    The IPMI (Formerly IPI) had +250 exhibitors and about 3,500 attendees from 30 countries along with 50 hours of classroom presentations at their 2018 convention. So my question is: What makes the smaller NPA convention a “Knocked out of the park” experience? How have they “outdone themselves”
    Disclaimer, I have been an IPI member and on the advisory board for over 30 years

  2. JVH says:

    Hi Scott:

    l’m afraid I don’t understand. I wasn’t comparing the NPA with the IPMI or PIE or Anything else. I was comparing the NPA with previous NPA shows and pointing out how they have done well this year. I don’t think the good job the IPMI does every year needs any defense. The show has always been the biggest… And I’m sure will remain so.

    All the best


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