NPA – Welcoming and Engaged

I have been asked what made this NPA event so special.  My answer is twofold, welcoming and engagement.

First of all, every level of the association is welcoming. From President Christine Banning to outgoing chair Alan Lazowski, to incoming chair Nicolle Judge, to Stacy Hudson, Director of Marketing, to Tom Carter, head of this year’s event, to all the rest of the board and professional staff they made the attendees and exhibitors feel welcome.

They all went out of their way to take time to talk to as many of the attendees as possible and welcome them to the conference and to their organization. We all appreciated that effort.

But more important, there is a feeling of engagement here in Las Vegas. Speakers, exhibitors, attendees, members and non members all seem to have a feeling of engagement. They are here not only to learn but to spread their personal wisdom. That feeling permeates the sessions, the networking events, and the exhibit hall.

It’s a feeling that includes the professional side of the industry, the ability to see it as it is, with all the experts, technology, and management skills on display, as well as the challenges that are being addressed day in and day out.

I am most impressed with the extremely large number of young new members I am meeting here. I’m not sure how the NPA is succeeding so well in its outreach program but the huge increase in attendance along with the number of new members must mean something.

That youth challenges the old timers like me and ensures that our industry will continue and succeed with a core of youth shoring up those who proudly built the parking profession.

To the NPA I can only say, All the Best


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