He Wanted Solutions

The stop for a drink last night was eye opening, but it also added one more problem to his life. A blazing headache.

The hour he spent in the bar reminded him of his last trade show. Alone, leery, perhaps just a bit confused. What was he there for? Why was he going to all these seminars? Did he really learn anything?

He fought his way through airports, couldn’t find the place to register for the show when he arrived, the hotel lost his room, the trade show floor, which he normally enjoyed, was big and confusing.  He worked for a city, he was interested in on street. How could he find companies that would give him the information he needed?

And the seminars – please. He was on the front lines. He knew what his problems were. He wanted solutions. Not descriptions of technotoys that cost a fortune and didn’t really fit in his wheelhouse.

Paul’s city could only afford to send one person to a trade show.  There are three big ones each year, plus numerous local events. Which one to choose?  Who should go?

Would going to the show simply add more pressure to his already full and complex life?

Maybe the best solution was another drink and aspirin for the headache.

To be continued

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