There Wasn’t Enough Aspirin on the Planet

As Paul thought about the trade events the next day, he realized that what he really liked about the shows was the exhibit hall. It was diverse. There were people there whose job it was to talk to you. He could pick and choose what he wanted to learn. And get different opinions on new technology and old faithful solutions.

But still, the shows can be intimidating. He had been to events that were so big he couldn’t see everything in a month, halfway a couple of days. Vendors spent big bucks to outdo their competitors in their presentations but seem to forget why they were there. It seemed like their exhibits were supposed to sell their products without interacting with him. They reminded him of his boss. She talked at Paul, not to him.

He had specific work problems that added stress that spilled over into his homelife. He was a good husband and father, but this job was really getting to him. He sort of knew what the solutions to his work problems were, but he needed to talk about them with someone who had the same problems. He needed to “connect.”

What is the old saying, a problem shared is a problem halved. He can’t talk to his boss, she doesn’t have time for problems, only solutions. His wife listens, but really doesn’t have anything to add.

The time at the bar was getting longer, and sometimes there wasn’t enough aspirin on the planet for that morning headache.

To Be Continued

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