The Pressure Was Intense

Paul awoke worrying about everything, his job, his family, his income, his life in general. OMG the pressure was intense. His boss was looking over his shoulder, his employees were looking for leadership, his wife really wanted that new car. Now what.

He saw the ad in Parking Today about the “arena”, but now was not the time to take a risk, and he wasn’t a risk taker, anyway. Sure Teddy Roosevelt could talk about getting bloody and failing, but he had kids in school and needed a regular income. The arena, bah.

As he opened his browser in preparation for his work day, he noticed an ad for a trade event happening in Chicago in March. The tag line was “Connect.”

But connect with what. These events were typically a bunch of vendors hawking their wares and a bunch of parties where you could go and drink and have your ears blown off with unintelligible music. What does that have to do with ‘connect.’

He was up to his neck in ‘connections.’ He had his staff, his boss, his family, his friends. He had enough connections. Besides how was a connection at some trade show supposed to take the pressure off at work, or at home. Best just lie low and maybe it will all blow over.

Perhaps a stop at the Scotch and Sirloin on the way home would blow off some of the pressure.

To be continued…..

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