They Had Your Back, Show Them You Have Theirs

Today we celebrate Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day, the day the War to End all Wars, WW 1, drew to a close. We remember those who serve today, and those who served, and those who gave everything for our country.

Our military is all volunteer. The men and women who serve today do so because they want to. They pass rigorous tests and not all are taken. They are the very cream of our youth. While serving they gain character and skills that transfer easily into civilian life.

But do we think about them when we are hiring? Here is a pool of talent that is virtually untapped. What can we, as an industry, do for them, after they have done so much for us.

A group of veterans including Doug Cram, Jeremy Duplechin, Todd Tucker, Stephen Smith and Allen Corry, all parking professionals, have founded a non profit organization called Veterans in Parking. Its goal is to find jobs for veterans as they return to civilian status.  PT is supporting this group and so should you.

In addition to saying a quick prayer or thinking a few good thoughts on Veterans day, why not do something tangible. Join Doug and his group and bring high quality candidates into your hiring process. You can reach them through their web site www.vetsinparking.com.

These veterans volunteered to watch your back. They took years out of their lives and risked their future and health to protect you. This is a perfect way to show these fantastic people you have their backs, too.


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2 Responses to They Had Your Back, Show Them You Have Theirs

  1. Marc Slavin says:

    Great idea. There are numerous positions available in the parking industry for our veterans. Our military people are highly trained and disciplined, which is a perfect fit for parking.

  2. Sam Tupman says:

    Excellent cause and group of professionals!

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