I Predict for 2019

At this time of year we are supposed to write stories about the future. I can do that. It’s easy. I can say whatever I want, and a year from now everyone will have forgotten all about it. No one will pull my prognostications off the world wide web and show me just how wrong I was.

I predict for 2019:

  • There will be more consolidation in the parking operator side of the industry. VC inflow will enable huge purchases.
  • At least one of the largest legacy companies will be gobbled up by a smaller competitor.
  • On street technology – you know – meters, enforcement, pay by cell will see a brand-new company. It will threaten the existing suppliers
  • License Plate Recognition will continue to lead the way in garage access control. Pricing for the technology will plummet, making it affordable for even the smallest locations.
  • There will be an entirely new way to manage large parking facilities. Operators will lease a portion of a garage and that portion (number of spaces) will change based on time of day, day of week, and the weather.
  • Autonomous vehicles will slowly fade from the headlines as it will begin to be understood that self-driving cars are more difficult to actually build than to think about.
  • Hollywood will make a movie that people living in flyover country will want to see.
  • California will put the “bullet train” on indefinite hold.
  • San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland will figure out ways to deal with their homeless problem.
  • Google will become an active player in the parking industry.
  • Parking will not have a seat at the ‘mobility’ table because we will continue to be too busy parking cars to care.
  • I will permanently lose 15 pounds.
  • There will be a technology, previously unannounced, that will force a reevaluation of just how we manage parking operations.

There – remember, you have to hold me to this in December 2019.


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