Paul Found What’s in it for Him

OK, the expo was over. Paul had survived. When he returned to his desk, he knew the first thing his boss would ask was “was it worth it.” Paul thought so but would his boss. She was often hard to convince.

The Parking Industry Expo was comfortable for Paul. He was no dummy, but it helped that there were people there to show him where to go and what to do. Everything was personal. It was a big help.

He came with a list. It was the tech he was considering to help him with his operation. When he left, the list had changed substantially. He had new ideas and information that would help him write specifications that would work, because he saw it up close and personal.

He also brought home a list of companies that could supply the tech he needed. No guessing here. They spent a lot of time with him. He would return the favor. He also had a list of people he met on the exhibit hall floor. They had this little game that made it easy to meet people and broke the ice. It was fun but also gave him a few great contacts.

He particularly remembered going to dinner with the editor of Parking Today and a few other people in the profession. They ate good food and talked til they closed the place. He was relieved to find out that he wasn’t the only one looking for answers. And that editor guy told some great stories, too.

He was able to pick three seminars that were right in his wheelhouse. They gave him insight, plus he was able to keep in contact with the speakers both at the event, and later, to confirm information he got on the expo floor.

“OK, Paul,” let’s hear it. Was the week away worth it?”

Paul smiled. He knew he had this one cornered. A very relaxed Paul walked into her office. It was going to be a great year.


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