Solve your Problems at PIE

When you come to PIE, you bring a world of experience to share. You also bring issues to solve. Whether it is curb congestion, revenue collection, enforcement, you customer’s attitude toward parking, confusion over technology, they are all on the table at PIE 2019.

It seems that we all have something to give and something to take. That’s what our four days of the Parking Industry Exhibition is all about. We want to give you the opportunity to learn from the colleagues who you will meet there, and give them the opportunity to find out how you have solved the problems they bring.

Educational systems give us a structured way to exchange information, to focus on areas that will help us in our lives, and to acquire skills needed as we pursue our careers. Continuing education programs provided by both institutions and by organizations provide the opportunity to keep current on what is happening in our career fields.

The parking industry provides a more informal approach to providing information through its three national and numerous regional events. When you attend an event like PIE, you can immerse yourself in parking. The result will be solutions, both for your problems, and for those of others.

Come to PIE – solve problems and become a solution.


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