Lights! RFID! Enforcement!

Want to learn everything there is to know about RFID and get college credit too? How about giving a lighting manufacturer feedback on their products (and a free lunch)? Want to meet with your peers and discuss all aspects of on and off street revenue control, enforcement, and tech?  Its all piece of this year’s PIE.

Tres is leading two two-hour sessions covering all aspects of RFID equipment and installation. The course will include principles, installation, trouble shooting, and the tags themselves. After completing a short test at the end of the session, participants will receive 2 continuing education credits. The Morning class is Monday, March 11 at 8 am, the second on Monday at 1 PM.

Kenall Manufacturing is hosting a focus group regarding parking technology. They are looking for 10 participants who can provide insight and feedback on today’s parking garage technology benefits and challenges. This 2-hour session will be held over lunch on Tuesday, March 12th, from Noon – 2 pm.

Julie Dixon will be hosting the mid Western version of her wildly popular Parking Resource Forum. She has been holding the forums in Northern and Southern California for the past five years and is now looking forward to meeting parking pros in the Chicagoland area. Topic to be discussed include your challenges with technology, vendor management, maintenance, reconciliation, security, enforcement and resources. Great for networking, fun and free.  Monday March 11 at 1 pm.

Our goal this year is to provide something different for PIE attendees. Click HERE to get all the info. No more of the same old same old.


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