30 Ways to Make On Street Fees More Palatable

Can you imagine – a list of 30 ways you can make on street parking fees more palatable to the public. Are there 30 ways? Well Paul Barter thinks so and put his blog where his mouth is. Over at Reinventing Parking, he has a list, plus a description of what to do with each one.

Some are great:
·  Think differently and talk differently about on-street parking

  • Have a good answer to the claim that ‘this is an outrageous entry fee to a place that should be free for everyone’
  • Proceed one area at a time with local demonstrations
  • Use trials
  • Please don’t make revenue the goal
  • Consider ‘radical generosity’ on parking revenue
  • Earmark parking revenue to improve public acceptance

Others might need some fleshing out:

  • Talk about charging the LOWEST prices that achieve the goal
  • Price the parking only where and when it is necessary
  • Make sure new fees result in visible/tangible improvements
  • And if the benefits are disappointing, be ready to make adjustments
  • Point to relatable examples
  • Learn lessons from relevant paid parking failures too
  • Point out that badly managed parking is not fair or equitable
  • Explain that free parking is a terrible way to help the poor
  • Beware of concern trolling

Nevertheless all 30 should be considered. Check the list out here.

Well done Paul


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