Park Here – You will be Fined, Arrested, and Jailed

One of the members of the IPMI asked its forum for help in designing a sign to communicate its parking rules to its customers. They sent in this sign which is not finalized to be used as a place to start:

I get the feeling that I best not be parking here.. It certainly isn’t welcoming, doesn’t give the parker any kind of a warm feeling, and frankly tells me that I don’t want to park there and that you don’t want me to park there.

The First line tells me no trespassing, so how am I going to park there without trespassing.  The last line threatens me with citations or jail time. Wow!

Let me give it a try:

Welcome to the Downtown Parking Facility

To make your stay safer and more pleasant, keep the following in mind:

  • We provide the space, you provide the car. You are responsible for what happens to your property. Be sure to lock your car and keep your personal items out of sight.
  • Watch out for pedestrians, drive really slow (10 mph). Remember you will be walking here too as soon as you park your car. We want you to be safe.
  • If you have a trailer or your vehicle is longer than 20 feet, please park in our surface lot outside. This structure was designed for those of us with smaller vehicles.
  • Prove you are an excellent driver – be sure you park between the lines so you can open your doors and get out of your car with ease. We know you know where not to park.
  • Respect our Handicapped spaces, someday that could be you.
  • Save gas money. Keep idling to a minimum.
  • Be forward thinking, point your car into the space.
  • Keep your party animal under control, and your alcohol and armaments, too. If you want to party hardy, park here, and take your group outside. There’s a great park just up the road for you skaters, scooter and bike riders. This garage was designed for motor driven vehicles and skates and bikes are a no no.
  • The local constabulary will be around checking out how you are doing. Give them a smile and they will smile back. Keep the above in mind so they don’t have to go to all the trouble of writing a ticket or calling a tow truck.

OK, it might be a little folksy, but you get the idea. Signs like this attract attention, the one above is usually ignored. (remember the speed limit sign at the mall that says ” 7 MPH.”) I understand your lawyer won’t like this but have her write what she wants and put it in fine print at the bottom. They love fine print.


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2 Responses to Park Here – You will be Fined, Arrested, and Jailed

  1. I like switching everything to the positive, but there are too many words. How about:
    * Lock your car
    * Drive slowly (10 mph) & let walkers go first
    * Park long vehicles and ones with trailers somewhere else
    * Park between the lines, head first
    * Park in handicap spaces only if you have a disability placard
    * Turn off your engine after you’ve parked
    * Leave guns and alcohol at home

  2. JVH says:

    Hi Tiffany:

    Its certainly more succinct, but is it welcoming?


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