Here’s an idea

I just reread the post below and wondered why the parking operators at LAX don’t fix the problems themselves. There are at least a dozen off airport operators. What if they got together and offered shuttle service from their off airport locations to the terminals.

Folks could drop off their friends/family at the operator location and the shuttles could take them to their terminals. Think of the publicity coup it would garner. Oh, the Humanity – Headlines like

Parking Operators Save LAX

Congestion reduced 50% by LAX Parking Operators

Parking is Wonderful, and you don’t’ even have to park

In addition, assuming this project reduced the congestion at the airport, the shuttles would take less time going back and forth, thus making the airport parking operations more efficient. It’s a win-win.

I see a large number of shuttles parked at off airport locations. Maybe some of them could be pressed into service.  Yes there would be a cost, but think of the benefit.

Just Sayin


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