It’s a Classic – This is a ‘Mitigating Circumstance’

A PEO in San Francisco ticketed a car for not being moved during street sweeping. The car had had all four wheels stolen. The owner was inside calling the insurance company and the tow truck. WOW! Read about it on parknews.biz.

And you wonder why our industry has a bad reputation. The car’s owner is quoted as saying that the $79 citation ticked her off more than the grand it took to repair the vehicle. I can understand why.

The powers in Baghdad by the Bay first said that she could appeal and they would probably dismiss the ticket, and then got religion and said they reviewed the case and had dismissed the ticket. The car’s owner wouldn’t have to do anything.

It seems obvious to me that the PEOs in San Fran don’t have the flexibility not to give tickets when its obvious that there is a mitigating circumstance. Sure if the car had been there for more than the statutory limit, write the ticket. It if was there then next day, write the ticket. Is this not a perfect situation for a kind warning? What would the owner have said if she had found this on her windshield:

“We are sorry about your obvious problem with your vehicle. We are sure you are working diligently to get it resolved. Is there any way we can help?  If the car is still here in 48 hours we will be forced to ticket it. Good Luck.”

Why do we insist in shooting ourselves in the foot?


PS – I understand that there are abandoned and broken down cars on our streets and they need to be dealt with. But a little judicious intelligent thought could be applied.

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