But What About the Neighborhood

New York City, relying on input from transportation gurus, decided to instigate a program to cut down on double parking. They installed loading zones in neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn with no notice. Read all about it over at parknews.biz.

The signs were installed, and the enforcement began. Cars were booted and if the boots weren’t removed (after paying the fine) within two hours, the cars were towed. After towing, total charges were $430.

For some strange reason, the folks living in the neighborhoods were up in arms. Grabbing their torches and pitchforks, they held a meeting. The issue wasn’t just the highhanded way the city instituted the new program, but also the fact that a large number of parking spaces were removed.

The city didn’t seem to take into consideration that by removing the parking spaces, they were affecting the people who lived there. Sure, UPS and Fedex would have a place to park when they delivered Amazon orders, but the people who were residents and paid taxes had fewer places to park.

I love this comment from the city:

“We are adjusting some program locations based on community feedback,” a Department of Transportation spokeswoman said in a statement.”

Note this ‘adjustment’ will be coming after the program was put in place.

And this final comment from one of the folks living in the area:

“All of the concerns were about the signage along the residential streets that took away parking spaces,” Holliday said. “It was just an unbelievable situation. We just have to continue as a community to be informed and aware.”

Notice that they were most concerned about the removal of the parking spaces.

Here is a situation where our betters’ desire to remove privately owned vehicles has run roughshod over the desires of the citizenry. Planners would do well to discuss their plans with the folks who live there before they put them into effect.


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