Cars are bad!

I received this from another thoughtful and bright parking pro. He was commenting on my piece about trying to communicate with the short blurbs on twitter…JVH

My wife and I, kids, grandkids were on vacation last week on Pelee Island (on Lake Erie) and joined by some friends of which one has  a masters degree in Urban Planning.

Once he found out what my company did, we had a thoughtful and at times very dynamic exchange on automobiles, parking and alternatives.

Friend: Cars are bad.

Me:        What if they are all electric?

F:            Still bad.

M:          Why?

F:            Cities are designed around cars! They should be designed around and for people.

M:          To which I profoundly agree.

What we ultimately agreed upon is that

  • one’s desire for personal movement and freedom is deeply entrenched, instinctive even, and is manifested in a vehicle (car, bike, scooter etc) worldwide.
  • that cities should be designed for people first and transport a close second.

Of course the devil’s in the details.

Which defies a solution in 40 words (typically 280 characters).

Bill Franklin, www.autochalk.com

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