Collaboration is Key

The blog below shows how regulation can run amuck. But does this mean that we should have no regulation at all? Ace’s Keith Jones writes in his Power to Go blog:

And yet, as Deloitte reminds us, “Governments at all levels are among the entities best positioned to bring stakeholders together, and gathering their input could be critical to formulating smart, agile regulation.” For instance, regulators can incorporate the de facto standards for system redundancies, sensors, decision making, and connectivity into legal rubrics and regulations.

However, one thing is certain: collaboration is key.

I’m not a fan of over regulation. But the right kind is good. Involving all the parties before the fact and then using a light touch can make for a better infrastructure environment.

Far too often regulators think they know better than the regulated and like in the New York case below, foist regulation before talking to those who will be regulated. They ended up having to ‘rethink’ and ‘unspend’ the money required to put the regulations in place.

Plus, maybe if the people affected were involved in the decision, they would better understand why the changes were necessary.

As Keith says, Collaboration is Key.


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