It’s Labor Day and PT is Hot Hot HOT!

It’s Labor Day Weekend. The traditional end of summer. Time for BBQs, a quick last mini vacation, and to prepare for the year to come. The Dog Days of Summer are past. It’s time to get back to work and solve the problems that have been put on hold over the past few months. OMG Football is just around the corner. What could be more exciting than that?

It’s difficult to concentrate during the Dog Days. People are on vacation. You can’t get answers when you need them. No one really wants to have “that” discussion. “We can revisit that after Labor Day” is the word. Well, come Tuesday, its “After Labor Day.”

I would like to invite you to join us here at PT and kick off the season with some exciting projects.

First, we are selling exhibit space at PIE 2020 in San Diego at record levels. We have already sold nearly as much space as we sold at PIE 2019 in Chicago, but we are fortunate to have 50% more space available to us at the San Diego Convention Center. Our new layout means that there are some really hot spots left. Contact Marcy NOW at marcy@parkingtoday. She will be your guide to the best exhibit spaces at PIE 2020.

Second, we have a fire sale going that is giving super discounts to those who can plan this early to attend PIE. Save big bucks and register now. The sale ends soon.

Third, we are proud to have announced that David Zipper will be our keynote speaker. You can find out all about him at the PIE web site. This guy is HOT!

Fourth, I am looking forward to the Veteran’s in Parking edition of Parking Today coming out in November. Todd Tucker is editing and already has nearly a dozen articles written by Veterans who work in the parking industry. The goal is to learn how the skills and wisdom learned in the military can be transferred to the parking sector.

Fifth, we are traveling this fall, Astrid and I will be in Las Vegas for SWPTA, she is heading to Australia and their parking event at the end of November, and I have been asked to host the speakers at Gulf Traffic in Dubai in December. Plus, I’m speaking at MAPA in Baltimore mid-November.  Of course, we will be exhibiting at the NPA conference in October in Orlando. If you are close, please drop by any of these events and let’s talk parking.

We have been working with Lester Macon on podcasts interviews and his Parker-X project. We did one yesterday and it was a BLAST. You will find them on our web site soon.

The Parking Today world is sizzling and we are looking forward to working together with you after Labor Day. The Dog Days are history. Excitement is building. Join us in person, as a reader, or as a writer as we work toward The Parking Experience. Go deep, our team has a heck of a game coming.



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