Something’s Wrong Here

Check this out:

It’s a EV charging installation at a Wal Mart in Santa Clarita, CA. Do you see any problems here? It took a moment but I found two.

1. There are four charging points and two parking spaces.

2. The space on the left is a handicapped only space. That will severely limit the number of cars that will have access to the chargers.

Beyond that, it seems just right.

H/T  David Garner, Classic Parking




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2 Responses to Something’s Wrong Here

  1. John Jack Aulino says:

    Marked No Parking should be clearer than just no parking. “Active EV Charging Station Parking for Charging Electric Vehicles only.” Remove the Handicap Parking to another location more convenient for ADA members.

  2. Mary S Smith says:

    Both ADA and CA law requires you to have an accessible stall for electric charging! Also CA law requires the NO PARKING note in the access aisle for accessible stalls. Somebody did specify more expensive, dual charging units.

    If anybody wants guidance, email me and I’ll send it!

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