November 2019

Separate the Money from the Enforcement

When I spoke at a recent regional parking event, I was riffing on the money involved in municipal parking – I told the story of a parking manager who said, when asked if he was there to protect the asset … Continue reading

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Build it and then Tear it down — Good Decision

Rick Seibert, parking guru at the city of Charlottesville, VA, reached out to the parking community and asked advice on building a new garage. He had attended seminar after seminar telling him to design garages so they could be converted … Continue reading

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“24/6” Living with Tech Shabbat

It is amazing. Day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And a month later we will be into 2020. Plans for the holidays are beginning to gel, and everyone seems to be in that “take a breath and recharge” mode for the … Continue reading

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Do You Spend Time Thinking About Things?

Do you spend time thinking about things? Do you consider what you are going to eat days from now? Do you think about people and how they affect your life? Do you turn off the TV or the laptop or … Continue reading

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Why a Private Lot may be Better

Over on Parknews Astrid has posted an article titled: Where to park at or near LAX at the holidays and why a private lot may be better. Frankly, I think a private lot is always better. Depending on the lot, … Continue reading

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Their Wounds May Not be Visible — Veterans Day 2019

Veteran’s day is a time to remember and say thank you. Current and former members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard have given in some cases literally everything to protect our country and our freedoms. These … Continue reading

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The Parking Industry – A Paradigm Shift

A friend who attended the NPA event in Florida last week noted that the focus seemed to be on technology as it fits ‘frictionless’ parking and the ‘parking experience.’ A quarter of a century ago the focus was on revenue … Continue reading