Why a Private Lot may be Better

Over on Parknews Astrid has posted an article titled: Where to park at or near LAX at the holidays and why a private lot may be better. Frankly, I think a private lot is always better.

Depending on the lot, you can use their valet service, meaning you drop you car off in the arrival area and pick it up there when you return. You credit card is on file so you can just get in your car and leave.

If you park in the huge lots in the interior of the airport, you will pay more than you would pay off airport, often twice as much, and you have to walk from your car to the terminal. Off airport services drop you right in front of your terminal. Plus you have to deal with the traffic in the airport proper.

It is interesting that the local paper is publishing extensive information about parking at the airport. In addition to the major on and off airport locations, parking apps like Spot Hero and Airport Parking Reservations are listed to help you navigate the parking around the LAX area.

Frequent travelers, like moi, have pretty much figured out the parking at the airport, but those who only travel at the worst time of the year, the holidays, need some help.

I love some of the sub heads – For those with more money than time and For those with more time than money. Park in the airport if you have more money than time, and park off airport if you have more time than money. There you go.

It should be noted that so called “ride hailing services,” read that Uber and Lyft, are mentioned only in passing in the last paragraph. All the problems LAX has had with TNCs may just be scaring off customers.

This holiday season figures to be a good one for airport parking. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to them.


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