January 2020

Mundane Mobility Over Headline Grabbing Technology

PIE 2020 is honored to have David Zipper as our keynote speaker. Here are a few takaways from his Keynote Presentation to the POLIS (Cities and Regions for Transport Innovation) Last Fall in Brussels. Find out more about David, and … Continue reading

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Take a look out the Window

Long time readers of this blog know that I love to take the temperature of one issue or another by simply looking around. Weather – Look outside.. Automated Vehicles and electric cars – check out the neighborhood…Is the Metro popular … Continue reading

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A Question and an Answer that Proves I have no Clue

I got a note yesterday from a buddy at UCLA, no not THAT buddy, I have more than one. He was musing on the fact that so much parking in Silicon Valley is surface parking. Considering the extremely valuable land … Continue reading


Why they Hate us – Reason 4,321- Aren’t we Better than This?

It goes like this. Parker pays fee to park. Places receipt on dash. When door closes, receipt flutters to floor. Enforcement comes by, sees no receipt, has car booted. Cost $75 to have boot removed. Driver shows receipt to everyone … Continue reading

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Parking Authority Vs Law of Unintended Consequences

I was perusing Parknews.biz and found an entry concerning Allentown, PA and my favorite law, that of unintended consequences. It all started when the local parking authority purchased an LPR system to be used as an enforcement tool. Fair enough. … Continue reading

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Social Media and Parking, What a Disaster

The social media headline read: It cost me $920 to have the Barnacle removed from my car, signed babayaga.  OMG  — How unfair – the poor little girl had to pay nearly $1000 to get her car released by the … Continue reading

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Connected People — Rude and Self Involved

Connected cars are one thing, but what about connected people. Have you noticed that most of us simply cannot exist without constantly checking our phones for texts, email, or messages on Instagram The next time you are at a seminar … Continue reading

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“Can I interest you in a Coffee and a Prune Danish?”

I attended a high tech conference at CES earlier this month sponsored by my friends at Arrive and Flowbird. The thrust was autonomous and connected vehicles. Speakers ranged from an “evangelist” from Amazon who discussed moving Alexa seamlessly from your … Continue reading