Mundane Mobility Over Headline Grabbing Technology

PIE 2020 is honored to have David Zipper as our keynote speaker. Here are a few takaways from his Keynote Presentation to the POLIS (Cities and Regions for Transport Innovation) Last Fall in Brussels. Find out more about David, and PIE 2020 here

From my keynote last week at the POLIS Annual Meeting in Brussels: I argued cities should prioritize “mundane mobility” solutions over headline-grabbing technologies that can become dangerous distractions (see Hyperloop, autonomous vehicles, etc). Main takeaways: –

Say no to FOMO. A goal of being “first” to deploy a new technology revolves around a city’s image, not its strategy to improve the local mobility network. Residents care more about improving their daily commutes than whether their hometown is the first, second, or 30th city to demo a new tech product. –

Mundane mobility solutions are often the most valuable. Prosaic mobility improvements like road diets and bus shelters may not grab headlines like an autonomous shuttle or Hyperloop, but they offer proven ways to reduce crashes and attract riders to transit. –

Breakthrough mobility tech products rely on cities getting the basics right. Makers of autonomous shuttles, electric micromobility, and MaaS platforms need commuters to reduce reliance on cars– which can only happen if cities offer safe, protected lanes for bikes/micromobility and reliable, frequent public transit.

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