March 2020

The Urban Forest

We noticed the other day that the cat was eating a lot more than usual. We feed him on the counter next to the sink so the dog won’t eat the cat food. This morning, as we rounded the corner … Continue reading

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I can only imagine…

We must stay positive in difficult times, but its difficult in the face of a Tsunami of news that even the most ‘glass if half full’ optimist has to look at with askance. The most difficult part of all this, … Continue reading

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Some Small Reason for Optimism

I had an interesting discussion with a neighbor during my ‘Suki Walk” (dog walk) yesterday. She is an RN at a local 480 bed hospital. I asked her how things were going. Her comment was “strange.” It seems that their … Continue reading

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Walker Consultants Offers Guidelines to CV-19 Testing in Garages

Mary Smith over at Walker Consultants has let me know that they have posted a white paper on their web sites with guidelines for garages located at Hospitals and frankly anywhere to use them as drive thru testing centers for … Continue reading

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Dispersion – What will it mean to Parking

So, our betters have been telling us for years that living in cities, in small apartments cheek by jowl, is best. It means we don’t have to destroy the planet with automobiles, we can walk to work and play, and … Continue reading

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A Bit of Blue Sky

Companies that serve the populace are hiring, in the face of the pandemic. Do they know something we don’t? We have had a number of ‘help wanted’ ads come in and they are posted on line. Some companies in our … Continue reading

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I know I sound like a broken record, but I can’t help myself.

Those of you who read this regularly know that I don’t watch television news. Haven’t for over 30 years. All of it, on all channels, “news” has become entertainment and shows no relation to actual reporting. Back in the day, … Continue reading

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San Diego Reels with Parking Everywhere PIE 2020

San Diego lived up to its reputation as having the best weather in the US on Tuesday as blue skies and balmy temperature welcomed PIE 2020’s second day. More that 1200 attendees jammed the convention center for a day focused … Continue reading


PIE 2020 Breaks Records in San Diego..

PIE 2020 opened this morning to a beautiful day in San Diego. Blue skies and white puffy clouds welcomed nearly 1200 to the city’s convention center for three days of parking excitement, learning, discussions, and tech. Julie Dixon’s Parking Resource … Continue reading


I Look out the Window…

I went to the store a week ago and the shelves were empty. No bread, no canned goods, few vegetables, little meat, and of course no toilet paper. I went back today and found there was a short line waiting … Continue reading

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