I know I sound like a broken record, but I can’t help myself.

Those of you who read this regularly know that I don’t watch television news. Haven’t for over 30 years. All of it, on all channels, “news” has become entertainment and shows no relation to actual reporting.

Back in the day, before cable TV, news was reported once or twice a day, with time given for some reflection on the part of the reporter or his/her editor. Yes, editor. The purpose of an editor is to review the story and ask pertinent questions concerning the source, the quality of the report, and its truthfulness. In those days, the story wouldn’t be reported unless there were a minimum of two, and most often three, sources.

Today, the goal is to get the ‘news’ on the air as fast as possible. Often reporters are describing the story ‘live’ without any editing or concern with the facts. The “news” is filtered through that single person’s life experience and prejudice.

When something as serious as our current pandemic is raging, the last thing we need is ‘if it bleeds it leads’ reporting. Stories about a single incident, one doctor’s opinion, a celebrity got tested but someone else didn’t, and worst, speculation – story after story beginning with “what if” or including the words “possibly” or “could” or “I predict,” are taken as gospel and spread like wildfire.

Find a web site, probably from a newspaper, that you feel is reliable, and check it once or twice a day. Then press on. If we are on lockdown, stay on lockdown. If you must go out, social distance. Follow instructions but use common sense.

Someone said a great change of pace would be I Love Lucy and Groucho Marx reruns.

Best and be safe out there


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  1. We have to distance ourselves from depressing news and “smell the roses” as my Mom would say.

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