In light of the Governor’s announcement, PIE 2020 is officially Cancelled

California bans mass gatherings to slow spread of coronavirus

(Reuters) – California is banning mass gatherings of 250 people or more until the end of March in response to the coronavirus outbreak, the office of governor Gavin Newsom said late on Wednesday. 

The health experts in the state advised that smaller events could be held if organizers implemented social distancing of six feet (two meters) per person, the governor’s office said bit.ly/38MA1DA in a statement.

More than 1,200 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the United States, with 38 deaths. California registered its fourth fatality on Wednesday.

The governor of the State of California has put the legal force of the State behind the decision to cancel PIE 2020.

We understand that the monies spent for booth space and entry fees are minimal when compared to travel, hotel, food, and related costs. Time was needed to unwind those expenses.

Our staff is working answer questions concerning this disaster and will have a plan in place no later than late April.

We truly appreciate the groundswell of support in our decision coming from our customers. This is a most difficult time for all of us and decisions we have made were taken based on the health and safety of us all.

We look forward to working through this crisis and to having an outstanding event in Schaumberg in 2021.


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